Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Summer.

I can't believe we are in our LAST week of Summer! Our first big break with our girls was wonderful and a challenge. They have grown so much they certainly seem like such big girls now then they did before. They have kept us busy too, busy enough that I've barely made the time to blog. So here's our Summer in review, the things I didn't get around to blog about, here they are...

We had adventures out in the Texas sun...
(and survived!)

Joey and Lola out in Grapevine
Mila with her handsome God brother Luke

Mila with her God father, a best friend of Joeys through childhood, I'm not sure what he's doing with his mouth...

We climbed on Mommy and Daddy on an almost hourly basis

The climbing feels very good on the back haha, mini massage

Weeks of 100 degree temps made it too hot for the pool, so we had bubble baths instead, lots and lots of bubble baths!

Lola has the best hair to play with

We learned all kinds of silly faces...
(and did so in style, thanks to Grandma for making us these cute dresses!)

Mila eating her Gerber's Lil Crunchies and melting my heart

And had lots and lots of visitors!

Mila and Jude

The girls playing with Luke

Lola and Joey's God son Brock
We found out that we were in perfect health and are developing and growing wonderfully at our 9 month check up, YES, 9 MONTHS!

Mila knows that's a pretty baby in the mirror!

Mila: 20.1 lbs and 26 inches
Lola: 17.8 lbs and 27 inches 

My failed attempt at a family picture

We had play dates with the coolest kids in town.

The girls playing with Brennan

L and B
This cutie is just a few days older than the girls


Brennan (and Ashton) are the sons of one of my old college roommates and besties Christina

We celebrated cousin Keegan's birthday and hung out with family...

Keegan with her bff, both are moving from public school this year into private Christian education which makes me pretty excited!

Thinking of using the colored layers for the girls' birthday :)

We climbed things we weren't supposed to...

We eat many more solids!

And collectively we've grown in 9 teeth! Ouch!

It's been a fun summer and we've all enjoyed being able to spend it together. I'm a bit sad for it to end but I love my job, we have an INCREDIBLE new nanny (Lissa) lined up (one and a half thanks to her daughter, Ms Thalia)

Lissa, my dear friend who will be taking care of our girls this school year.   

We are blessed to not only have the opportunity to work and parent but have close friends and family to help us out. Plus, maybe Lissa will teach them a little Spanish, hint hint ;) Okay, time to enjoy my last free Monday!

Have a wonderful week!