Monday, October 31, 2011

First Birthday Party!

Time flies when you are having fun! This birthday party was just the tip of the huge, but wonderful iceberg that is the next few months. Besides holidays and additional birthdays we also have some even bigger news coming your way very soon. Until then, enjoy the photos from this weekend! They aren't the best quality, but they are as good as I could get under such busy circumstances.

Vanilla on vanilla cake with airbrushed leopard and fondant gumballs

homemade Mexican wedding cookies compliments of my mom, serving platters compliment of myself, some garage sales and Pinterest for the idea!

People slowly start to enter, I wanted a better picture of the super cute banner, but this was all I got

Baby food jar favors with pink gum balls

Formula canister centerpieces with pinwheels, super easy to make

A part of the spread - Orza pasta salad and chicken salad made from scratch by my sister in law Bri, we received SO many compliments on these dishes, thanks Bri!

Mila chews on one of the favors, we HAD to have some soccer representation

More of the food, great sandwiches from my mother in law 
Lola and her giant lollipop with cousin Kacie (rainbow tutu made by my talented cousin Mariela)

I didn't get an exact headcount but the cake was meant to serve 80 and there were 6 pieces left! We loved seeing so many friends and family.

The smash cake was my mom's idea. The bird holds a close significance for me that I may share with you one day :)

Lola was such a lady, refused to eat the cake at first unless it was fed to her on a fork

Silly brother in law and my pregger sister

Mila was not so shy with the cake

The girls with their future lifelong friends

My niece Keegan with Lo
Thank you for everyone who came out. It was a total blessing and awesome time, from watching the kids go after 10 pounds of pinata candy to watching Lola wake up at the sound of Happy Birthday being sung. Everything went perfectly and we're thankful for everyone's help and presence. Thank you for being a constant part of our life. We had people travel to spend this time with us and those are the types of people we need more of in life. Thank you for being those people and making this already special day, even more so.