Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Part Two...A Week Late

Yeah, so this thing called soccer, competition deadlines, freelance design work, and company happened which made it impossible to get this post in, but as always it's all good because the aforementioned events are things I'm grateful for.

A decline in activity is coming soon and I'm looking for a bit more down time.

The remainder of our spring break pretty much consisted of Mila and Lola just looking plain ADORABLE.

You know they had to look fly on St Patty's

Holding hands and checking out the leprechaun socks Tia Lor bought them

In between the adorableness I was able to finish some little onesies for my babies in addition to a matching one for myself.

Oh yes, I went there.

I'm sure a day will come all to soon where the girls will refuse to match with their mommy so I'm definitely living this up!

My little owls with button eyes
A closer detail of the shirt...with Mila trying to shove her hands in her mouth
 Silly girls....
Lola playing with her blankets

So now Spring Break is over and I've focused on work more than ever. We are in the middle of our contest season and the kids are producing some great work.

As my "season" comes to a beginning, Joey's on the other hand, just came to a close tonight. We're sad the playoffs are over but at the same time we are so proud of how hard Joey works for our family and we're looking forward to having him home early now. (not to mention no more absentee daddy on Monday and Friday nights and occasional Saturday mornings) 

We sent this to daddy tonight after a disappointing loss...

They'll be his biggest fans one day 

They are a DREAM come true.
This week we were able to get some much needed SHOPPING done. I realized I hadn't bought an article of clothing for myself since we've had the girls so we set aside a portion of money just for those things. It was nice to get out of the house and put our carriers to good use.

Joey's a Bjorn guy, I prefer my Snugli
A portion of my money went to several of these conveniently being sold at Dollar Tree right now...why you say?

I know it's early (believe me I know...) but Joey and I began talking about the girls' first birthday and how we want it to be super special. Although we now called our current city home, we've decided to have their first birthday back in our hometown since the first is such a milestone we wanted the whole family to turn out. We figured buying a few things here and there will help save money in the long run so we're not scrambling to put something together in the fall. Next on the the list are lots and lots of these...

My theme? Nothing in particular...just a hybrid of bright colors, candy, and (of course) animal print (duh)

I haven't even started thinking cakes (although this one is adorable) I love the print, but desire something a bit more "baby" and not so "big girl"
In the meantime, I'll treasure the moments that fill our time before month number twelve gets here! 

Have a blessed week!

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