Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

...our lives were changed tremendously.

A month prior, on November 1st, I took this picture on my iPhone.

I felt inclined to take this picture in my classroom as I was cleaning paint palettes. I thought it was pretty.

Interesting huh?

What I find so intriguing about it is around this time, my daughters were coming into this world. I was cleaning after a painting project, and had no idea how much that day would change my life.

About three weeks after I took that pic, I received these pictures.

The first photos I would ever see of my daughters. I remember at this point, knowing they would be mine, I could smell them in my sleep. I would wake up in a panic because I believed they were already in my home and I needed to hold them.

I know this was God. I think He could hardly contain Himself as well and wanted to sneak in more and more of the experience since He knows I needed, and wanted this so badly. Our "gotcha day" couldn't come fast enough.

The day before I was able to meet my girls and take them home I had NOTHING, until the generous people I work with gave me a pre-shower shower. I was floored at the amount of things we had to start with.

This is after we consolidated the bags down just to fit it all on the cart. Believe me, there was SO much!

I'm not going to go into how the exchange actually occurred because it's all documented in my first entry of this blog but I will say, and continue to say that I am still forever grateful for the woman who put these precious little girls before herself and gave them to a home that would not only be forever, but full of love and gratitude. There is no doubt in my mind she was used by God to fulfill the desires we had in our hearts to be parents.

After a couple of sleepless nights (not that I cared, I was running on adrenaline still!) I returned to this on my classroom door

Not exactly the verbiage I would have used, but they're middle schoolers and I loved it.

Fast forward to a little less than a year later and we NOW have a court date to finalize everything!

It was an incredible day. It was a sigh of relief and a chapter closed in the sense there was not question where these little girls would spend their lives. I failed to take more pictures because of everything going on (It was the National Adoption Day Celebration in that particular county and there were a lot of people and media there) but managed to take a few before we entered the court room and ones I have stolen from my family.

After the adoption with the judge who wasn't shy about gushing over the girls with compliments and kisses. 
Mila with my snazzy momma!

So the legal part is over and not only do the girls have mama and papa bear ready to to keep them safe and in a good home, but now we have the backing of Texas (which we all know is like, the best state in the world - don't deny.)

What a great reason to actually blog for the first time in a month! Here's what else you missed:

You saw pics of their party but here are the girls on their actual birthday! We took them for their first Happy Meals at McDonald's and although they prefer veggies and cheese we thought it was a rite of passage and they seem to really enjoy it.

Grease, gluten and preservatives OH MY. I'm sure I'm being judged.

Yes, that's right, orange Hi-C in a bottle. I'm sure some of you are cringing. I'm okay with that. We feed our girls a well balanced diet but we are DEFINITELY NOT food nazis.

Half way through our meal an elderly couple who had been oohing and ahhing over how cute the girls were came over to wish them happy birthday and gave them each a dollar for ice cream. I'm not sure if they were aware this would be their first real ice cream experience but it was and we thought their gesture was a sweet as the ice cream the girls ate. 

They absolutely loved it by the way and immediately recognize it in our bowls when we're having some. Of course, we're eating a lot less of the stuff ourselves now as they take over the bowl :) That's one way for us to cut back I guess.

It's been a whirlwind couple of months. From their first birthday party, my four day work trip to the coast, Joey's four day trip away in the middle of the adoption, to the court date, Thanksgiving, a baby shower for my new niece whom I'll be leaving again for the day next week to meet and then Christmas break! 

I have loved every minute of it and being a mommy is the best! I can't believe how this has flown feels like this was just yesterday....

Monday, October 31, 2011

First Birthday Party!

Time flies when you are having fun! This birthday party was just the tip of the huge, but wonderful iceberg that is the next few months. Besides holidays and additional birthdays we also have some even bigger news coming your way very soon. Until then, enjoy the photos from this weekend! They aren't the best quality, but they are as good as I could get under such busy circumstances.

Vanilla on vanilla cake with airbrushed leopard and fondant gumballs

homemade Mexican wedding cookies compliments of my mom, serving platters compliment of myself, some garage sales and Pinterest for the idea!

People slowly start to enter, I wanted a better picture of the super cute banner, but this was all I got

Baby food jar favors with pink gum balls

Formula canister centerpieces with pinwheels, super easy to make

A part of the spread - Orza pasta salad and chicken salad made from scratch by my sister in law Bri, we received SO many compliments on these dishes, thanks Bri!

Mila chews on one of the favors, we HAD to have some soccer representation

More of the food, great sandwiches from my mother in law 
Lola and her giant lollipop with cousin Kacie (rainbow tutu made by my talented cousin Mariela)

I didn't get an exact headcount but the cake was meant to serve 80 and there were 6 pieces left! We loved seeing so many friends and family.

The smash cake was my mom's idea. The bird holds a close significance for me that I may share with you one day :)

Lola was such a lady, refused to eat the cake at first unless it was fed to her on a fork

Silly brother in law and my pregger sister

Mila was not so shy with the cake

The girls with their future lifelong friends

My niece Keegan with Lo
Thank you for everyone who came out. It was a total blessing and awesome time, from watching the kids go after 10 pounds of pinata candy to watching Lola wake up at the sound of Happy Birthday being sung. Everything went perfectly and we're thankful for everyone's help and presence. Thank you for being a constant part of our life. We had people travel to spend this time with us and those are the types of people we need more of in life. Thank you for being those people and making this already special day, even more so.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Again!

Wow! It's been awhile! Once Summer started closing up and the new school started we've been busy, busy people! Somehow between the two we snuck in an awesome night out seeing this lady live...

Love this man!

The school year has started off wonderfully for me and I predict a great year. I've taken on more responsibilities and hit a couple of bumps along the way but we have an incredible group of students this year and they ARE the reason I teach after all :)

The girls are growing like the prettiest little weeds ever and in the past few weeks we have seen a lot of cruising, some standing on their own, lot's of waving, pointing, slapping the hand against the forehead when we say "Oh nooooo!", blowing kisses, saying "Papa," "Mama," and "Buh-bye" Lola loves to climb in and out of baskets as well as her own walker. Mila has a whopping 8 teeth and Lola is catching up. They are eating a lot more from our plates and especially enjoy spaghetti, beans, mashed potatoes, yogurt, cheerios, and cheetos. With their upcoming birthday coming up soon we thought it was important that they begin to start digging into some cupcakes for some practice.

Needless to say they really enjoyed it :)

Fall not only brings school but FOOTBALL. Around this time last year I was pregnant and we just KNEW it was a boy. My sister in law Dolores bought us a trio of Dallas Cowboys onesies and I swore they would go un-used forever. Even after we got the girls, I would look at these onesies and put them away on a several occasions. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted them to wear them, well, two of them, The other one says "Future Cowboy" and we hung it up in the girl's nursery as a little reminder of the baby we had briefly. Meanwhile we had to "sass" up the onesies we let the girls wear...

This month marks the one year anniversary of our loss. I can't believe how far we have come along but I will always love that precious little baby God granted me to carry, if even for a short time. I love how God's plan far exceeds anything we could ever imagine. I'm not the type to go on and on and on about how perfect my life is, and by no means is it perfect, but it's pretty great.

I have a husband who loves me for me. He loves me unconditionally and would have stayed with me forever, kids or no kids. Our parents are there whenever we need them and we love how they love and spoil our girls. And our girls? Wow, there are no words. People say you can never be ready for kids, I say they didn't want them as badly as we did. Our lives have been enriched in so many ways. The way they hug us, kiss us, and sparkle when they smile is all I need when I begin to stress out about the many curve balls life throws at us. My favorite moments involve just watching them sleep and play. My life is everything I wanted and more.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my grandfather's death. I remember telling him on what soon became his death bed all of the goals I had for my life, to marry a Godly man, finish college, raise Christian children, give them a good home and life, work hard and teach them about Jesus and how I had the best grandfather ever. I know my "Papa" is looking down and gleaming and I couldn't be more thankful.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Summer.

I can't believe we are in our LAST week of Summer! Our first big break with our girls was wonderful and a challenge. They have grown so much they certainly seem like such big girls now then they did before. They have kept us busy too, busy enough that I've barely made the time to blog. So here's our Summer in review, the things I didn't get around to blog about, here they are...

We had adventures out in the Texas sun...
(and survived!)

Joey and Lola out in Grapevine
Mila with her handsome God brother Luke

Mila with her God father, a best friend of Joeys through childhood, I'm not sure what he's doing with his mouth...

We climbed on Mommy and Daddy on an almost hourly basis

The climbing feels very good on the back haha, mini massage

Weeks of 100 degree temps made it too hot for the pool, so we had bubble baths instead, lots and lots of bubble baths!

Lola has the best hair to play with

We learned all kinds of silly faces...
(and did so in style, thanks to Grandma for making us these cute dresses!)

Mila eating her Gerber's Lil Crunchies and melting my heart

And had lots and lots of visitors!

Mila and Jude

The girls playing with Luke

Lola and Joey's God son Brock
We found out that we were in perfect health and are developing and growing wonderfully at our 9 month check up, YES, 9 MONTHS!

Mila knows that's a pretty baby in the mirror!

Mila: 20.1 lbs and 26 inches
Lola: 17.8 lbs and 27 inches 

My failed attempt at a family picture

We had play dates with the coolest kids in town.

The girls playing with Brennan

L and B
This cutie is just a few days older than the girls


Brennan (and Ashton) are the sons of one of my old college roommates and besties Christina

We celebrated cousin Keegan's birthday and hung out with family...

Keegan with her bff, both are moving from public school this year into private Christian education which makes me pretty excited!

Thinking of using the colored layers for the girls' birthday :)

We climbed things we weren't supposed to...

We eat many more solids!

And collectively we've grown in 9 teeth! Ouch!

It's been a fun summer and we've all enjoyed being able to spend it together. I'm a bit sad for it to end but I love my job, we have an INCREDIBLE new nanny (Lissa) lined up (one and a half thanks to her daughter, Ms Thalia)

Lissa, my dear friend who will be taking care of our girls this school year.   

We are blessed to not only have the opportunity to work and parent but have close friends and family to help us out. Plus, maybe Lissa will teach them a little Spanish, hint hint ;) Okay, time to enjoy my last free Monday!

Have a wonderful week!