Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Got It From My Momma...

The creative bug lives on me, biting me to create, make, design, craft, you name it. With Summer here it has it's little fangs in me good. This is never a bad thing, it's keeps me busy and I'm pretty frugal when it comes to these projects. This week I've planted a couple of flower beds out front, made these little labels for the girls' first birthday party favors (pink gum balls in baby food jars with pink lids) ...

and making simple little pieces like this:

I contemplated keeping it classic white and distress it some, but that's overkill right now...
look like this:

Turquoise, my color of preference right now, and large print leopard

I'm absolutely loving working on these old pieces and have two plant stands, a vanity, and sewing table already up on deck for their upcycle. I'm not cutting corners either. I'm using this nifty little hand sander given to me from my mom to sand all of the old paint, filling in dents with wood filler, priming, and after the paint job is done, these pieces are getting a polyurethane seal that should not only protect the paint but resist water stains. 

My two new best friends.
I'm looking to sale these pieces to get some much needed things around the house as we STILL have our office area completely EMPTY! I'm hoping I can sale them before I'm impulsed to keep them :)

I'm not the only one working on projects either! My mom surprised us with these super cute dresses she made herself. I sent my mom a photo of a super cute dress my friend purchased for her daughter and mom made it look like a piece of cake. She's already working on the next set of dresses and there is definitely a Dallas Cowboys dress waiting to be made just in time for football season!

Tomorrow is Thursday which is usually the kick off to some pretty great weekends so here's hoping yours is a blessed one!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A (Belated) Father's Day Post

This past weekend we were able to spend a relaxing Father's Day weekend back in our hometown to celebrate some of the best dads around! Celebrating Joey's first Father's Day was already a much anticipated event, but having both of our fathers still around and healthy to celebrate with us makes it extra special.

We both have incredibly special families and God has really been blessing all of us. Let me just share some of what's happening

1) New niece or nephew on the way! This isn't new news per say but it gets more and more exciting daily!

2) My brother in-law got a great job in a location much closer to us, and he and his wife are in the process of buying an AWESOME home!

3) My other sister in-law is coming close to finishing her Culinary training and I had my first real sample of her food and it was great!

4) At this time next year we will have our first niece (the first grandchild of my in-laws) graduating from college and preparing for graduate school!

5) Both of our parents are doing great and have been the best grandparents to our girls that we could ask for.

On that note, here are some pictures from the past week!

Grandad with Mila

My in-laws and us at El Arroyo

Visiting Tia Lor at her job which also happens to be the hospital where the girls were born!

Lola's teeth!

Mila can't believe it, she has top teeth now! FOUR teeth total!

Pool time at my sister's

They LOVED the deeper water and the inner tubes

Cousins on my side, Tristan, Keegan and my little ladies

One of my FAVORITE Father's Day photos from this weekend! They way they're looking at each other says it all.

Daddy of the year right here :)

My Daddy! 
Mila had a blast in the pool, and the exhaustion to prove it

Brandon helping Tristan look for roly-polys

Me and my dad

Lola sleeps

Mila, grandad, and Gabrielle

Another favorite! Grandad with all of his grandkids!

The girls visiting with Austyn! This pretty little girl is the daughter of one of Joey's childhood friends Billy.

Mila and Mandi


Billy and Baby Billy!
As I'm typing this I'm telling Joey how I can't believe we didn't get a picture of him on his first Father's Day with his daughters! I'm thinking the fact he runs from the camera has a *little* something to do with it.

In the end we had a great visit and I'm looking back for the next one!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby's First Splash

Summer is here and there's not a better way to welcome the sweltering Texas heat then with a dip in the pool? We bought the girls a small inflatable pool and they loved it! In between calming Mila down after getting splashed in the face repeatedly (ahem, Lola) and watching daddy protect them from the wasps remaining after he valiantly destroyed their nest, we had a lot of laughs and the girls grinned from ear to ear. Mommy smiled a lot too because in true swimming tradition, sleep ensued afterwards :)

Monday, June 13, 2011



It was Mavs Mania in our home this past week and for good reason! Some of the best moments I've shared with Joey involves watching some of our favorite teams, especially the Mavs.

We've been to more games I can mention, so needless to say I was pretty stoked that Joey and his brothers were going to one of the playoff games here in Dallas against the Heat.

The best part of celebrating in this playoff season was getting the girls involved. I would tease Joey that we weren't raising cheerleaders, we were raising Mavs Maniacs :)

This Thursday is the parade downtown so there will be more pictures to come.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Days

Summer is HERE and what better way to star it off but with some milestones?

So far we have clapping, waving, sitting without support for an extended amount of time, army crawls and teeth!
Mila's first tooth
clap clap clap!

We don't have a lot in store for this summer which is just how I like it, plus, Joey is still recovering from his 5 day stay in the hospital as is mommy as it affected me in big ways as well.

Extra time means we get to take pictures just for fun. I seriously need to book an appointment for professional shoot soon...I guess Summer will be a good time for that too.

If I could sum up my life in one word right now, I'd say it's "charmed."

If these past few days are any indication of what this summer brings, then it's going to be a great one.