Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

This was an especially exciting Christmas for us. I've always loved Christmas and the little traditions that come with it and was over the moon to start new traditions with Mila and Lola (who of course, didn't have any clue as to what was going on!) We had tons of family time, they were held more than most kids will be held in a lifetime, we took them for photos with Santa Clause and we went to church for the first time as a family where they behaved liked little ladies and looked adorable in the outfits from their aunt Brittany!

Despite the fun and excitement, this Christmas had a very scary moment. The morning after the girls and I spent the night at my parent's home, their kitchen exploded and caught on fire. This happened just minutes after mom and dad helped me load the twincesses in my car for their 9:00 a.m. doctor appointment. They walked back into my childhood home, smelled gas, walked into the kitchen where dad detected the gas came from under the sink. Once he opened the cabinet, he and mom were thrown several feet back by a ball of flame that consumed my father's skin and left him with 1st and 2nd degree burns on his face, hands, and arms. The damage was minimal, but it was the scariest moment in my life to receive a hysterically frantic call from my mother informing me her house was on fire.

Needless to say our holiday took a somber turn, but almost immediately we were extremely grateful we still had each other.

My father captivating Ms Mila

Mom tired but grateful the day after the fire
It could have gone so much worse but God's grace was all over my family. It was just another reassurance that we are under the plan of One that loves and cares for us.

Christmas morning went as usual at the Rodriguez home. We were all together, 15 people, 4 dogs, and had a great time opening gifts, holding babies, and taking our annual Christmas picture in matching pajamas.

Cousin Kacie holding Lola
Mila and I Christmas morning

All of the family minus Romo
This has been a topsy turvy year for us but in the end family still and always will remain. I'm fortunate to have two families that love and care for us and now our girls. We have lost loved ones this year, we have felt pain, fear, sadness, loss and suffering, but at the end of the day, at the end of the year, and at then end of time our love will always remain.

It's the one thing we'll take with us to heaven and I cannot wait to instill the same type of love into our daughters.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Operation Get Ready

As I write I anxiously await for a moment to finish my packing and get ready to get on the road for Christmas. The girls are, and have been ready for sometime, yet I sit, still wearing the old t-shirt and sweats I wore to bed the night before. I have on yesterday's makeup, and haven't even put in my contacts, but that's okay - I will leave the house looking better.

I refuse to play the "I look a hot mess but it's okay because I'm a mommy" card.

I don't believe in it and although it may seem shallow I think there's a nice common ground I can find so we all look presentable :)

We've been scurrying trying to get prepared and one thing I've learned is that those things that normally only took a small amount of time still only take a small amount of time but the time I have to wait to get these things done has significantly increased. Take for instance, my nails. Normally it would take 45 minutes or so, which is still does, but not until bottles have been washed, laundry has been folded and babies are fed, changed, and happy so yeah, I've been waiting all week and my nails still have chips.

It's okay though, because check these dolls out.

So what if I'm wearing a ball cap today, I still won't let myself go.

Besides, how would it look if they looked this adorable and I didn't? I don't want to embarrass them :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


On Saturday December 3, we were given the honor of bringing on two one month old twin girls. It all happened very quickly and within a weeks time we went from being happily married, but without children, to a parents of two. It's been a great ride so far, going into week three and I knew if I didn't cave and start a baby blog now, well, I'd never have the time to do it. Right now my angels are napping so perfect opportunity :) Instead of going through the story for the 100th time, I'm adding our Facebook note regarding our gift of girls! I've also included pictures from the homecoming which was a moment of joy, excitement, and extreme humility. God has remembered our cry and given us these children. 


I know some of you have a million questions - especially those that had no idea we were considering adoption.

For me adoption was something that I wanted to do, even as a child. I've always had the desire to carry children in my womb, but there was a special place in my heart for kids needing a home - now I know why God placed this in my heart at such an early age.

As we began to see getting pregnant wouldn't be as easy as we hoped, we immediately considered adoption but continued with alternative treatments. A few years later we were pregnant (without meds) but shortly lost that baby. I would still actually be pregnant right now.

But here I am, in the car, Joey driving us back home from Abilene, with two dogs and two precious girls, our daughters.

It feels so good to say that.

We were matched with these girls privately through two of the BEST servants God has placed in this earth. In less then two weeks time from our initial contact concerning the possibility if adoption, we had the girls in our arms.

I fell in love instantly, I couldn't stop staring at them. Almost immediately I felt an overwhelming love for not just them, but their birth mother who sacrificed so much for these precious girls. She will always be a part of our family, and these girls will grow up loving her because it doesn't matter what other people say, it takes a mother with a huge heart to be this self-less.

I'm swooning just hearing them breathe, coo and squirm. I'm just bummed because it's dark now and I can't see their gorgeous faces.

Am I scared? Like any new mother, yes! Especially with two! But this is our calling, this is what God has planned and everything will fall into place according to His will for our lives. Have we given up on the possibility of carrying another child? No, in fact, we know we can have a healthy pregnancy - we just couldn't imagine turning down the opportunity to have these girls after all we've been through! They're ours now and I know one day they'll make great big sisters.


God has remembered us, He has answered our prayers and even gave us a double portion! This has been the most trying year of my life, we lost a loving uncle and wonderful aunt, plus our little angel baby, leave it to God to give us the best Christmas present ever and allowing us to end the year with hope and joy.

I. Am. Blessed!

Lola Ruth
Mila Susana
Proud mommy and daddy
Tia Brittany, cousin Jaxon, and grand dad Joe
Great Aunt Lydia
Cousin Keegan falling in love
Excited Grandmas
Enamored Grandfathers