Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work in Progress...

Without having much time to prepare for our girls, getting together a nursery has been a challenge. Finances are tight, and my preferences are limited. I never envisioned a Pepto pink room, and pastels and I don't get a long. This made finding bedding especially difficult so instead of forcing something, my mom started quilting some pieces for the nursery. We picked out the fabric last week and I can't wait to see the results.

So we have bedding in the works, now for the rest.

My taste is eclectic. I love art, and aged pieces of furniture and accents. I'm drawn to traditionally Mexican pieces, pottery, pictures, and other knick-knacks. This preference slowly started to work it's way into my ideas for a nursery. I've limited myself by not giving myself the option to paint. There isn't an ounce of paint used on our walls anywhere in this house other than the standard bright white which I'm okay with (the walls and ceiling support it). Textured walls almost immediately cancel out options for decals too. 

So it all comes down to a frugal woman and her ideas. Here we go:

These letters were purchased from Hobby Lobby for about 99¢ per small letter and $1.99 for the two large letters. I painted them espresso and then Modge Podged scrapbook paper over them. I hot glued the ribbon to the back and decided to hang them from an extra set of curtain rods I couldn't use. 

These crosses below are ones I've owned for years but their natural stone color wouldn't work for what I wanted so I painted them brighter with some acrylic paint. The paintings were made in about 4 hours and serve as not only as a decor but a little tribute to my favorite artist Frida Kahlo. They were fun to paint and I look forward to making more.

Lola's sassy Frida. The blouse and curtains are extra scrapbook paper leftover from the letters. The daisy is  glued down as well.

Mila's sweet Frida also has decoupaged curtains and blouse as well as actual ribbons in her hair.

This dress was actually my dress once. It was a gift from my grandpa from one of his numerous trips to Mexico. I wanted a smaller black frame but stuck with one I already owned. I may change it later. My love for sentimental items plays a lot of influence in how I want my home as well. 
These last two photos are actually from my hallway but show my love for sentimental things. The blue bird is a small piece I've always remembered in my grandmother's home growing up, the hankerchief belonged to her as well. The plaque that reads "Dios Es Amor," or God is Love was handmade from the students of LABI, or, Latin American Bible Institute in Texas which has a long standing history with our family and my grandfather's role in the Assemblies of God. He aided in starting one of their first churches in our region. I also have my grandfather's cane displayed next to the plaque.

Right now I am happy with how the nursery is coming along and look forward to many years of collecting items that will grow with them and become treasured pieces in their home the way my family as passed down pieces to me.


  1. Okay. I am IN LOVE with the girls name letters! So cute, and such a creative use of old curtain rods! And the pictures turned out really great too. Love it!

  2. Love their names and that you used curtain rods - very cool. Also, I love that floral pillow and the turquoise floral fabric that you picked out for part(s) of their bedding. It's going to look so pretty! I totally expected you to do something with Frida Kahlo, haha! It's coming along so cool!

  3. Absolutely Beautiful! I love the tribute to frida kahlo...what a great idea! The letters and crosses came out really really well too!