Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding/V-Day Weekend

What an eventful weekend! We went out to eat THREE, count 'em THREE times! That's more than we've EVER gone out to eat since we've had our angels and they did wonderfully (and we ate well). This weekend also gave us the opportunity to hang out with another couple which was nice too. It just so happens this other couple was my sister and her new (at the time, soon-to-be) husband and my new brother in law Brandon.

Joey and I about to indulge in the wonderfulness that is a ribeye steak from Saltgrass
Just a couple of days away from their "I do's"
 Before we knew it our weekend was over and it was wedding day! The girls and I drove back to our hometown for the festivities Sunday and daddy met us there just in time for the wedding Monday. Yes, Valentines :)

Even with daddy away, I had the cutest little Valentines.

My little LOVE bugs!

We started the day with a few errands and then lunch with the girls.

Mom and Keegan

Lola's awake!

Mila Mouse
That evening was the wedding and considering it was thrown together in a matter of a couple of weeks it went quite well. It was casual, but very intimate affair. It was exciting to see such a long awaited moment come to pass. I've wanted desperately for my sister to find the right guy for her and her daughter and although I was hesitant at first, I've grown excited about their future together. The coolest part is that not only did we welcome a new member into our family, we welcomed his daughter as well!


And of course you know my daughters were there to welcome them in high style looking sassy in pink.

Mom and dad also looked pretty fly. As you may remember, my parents suffered a house fire during Christmas where both of my parents were involved in an explosion which resulted in first and second degree burns on my dad's face and arms. It all seems to be healing well and dad is looking back to his handsome self.

I am fortunate to have two parents who still love each other enough to make it work. Marriage isn't easy, it has it's ups and downs. There are some days you might wonder how you'll make it, there are so many "what ifs." What I've come to learn is you just stick it out, keep swimming, keep trucking, fake it till you make it, because before you know it, you have fallen in love all over again. 

It reminds me of a song by Ingrid Michelson that became a favorite of mine not too long ago. It speaks about giving up, not on your relationship, but all of the other things that may cause you to walk away. It makes me proud of the choice I made to marry Joey, makes me look even further to those moments you dread in life, like waiting for your daughter to come home at a decent hour and growing old because I'll have him to share it with.

I have every confidence in the world that Brandon and Mia will learn these same lessons as well through years of a joy filled, healthy, Godly marriage with each other and their children. Congrats, you two, and we LOVE you!


  1. Awww thank you sister! We love you too! Thank you for all your support and all you've done for us!

  2. Oh my gosh. The twins look adorable (as usual) in those pink outfits. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!