Romo and Jet

Our first two children are four legged. 

We welcomed Little Tony Romo, or just Romo, into our family in December '07. He was definitely spoiled  (he still is, a little) and completely enriched our lives.

After sometime we felt sad Romo didn't have a fellow doggy friend so we bred him with another piebald doxie by the name of Sophie. Sophie had three pups, and we picked little Jason "The Jet" Terry, or just Jet, out. Sophie and her owner were our neighbors and our boys still have a relationship with them to this day.

Now Romo and Jet are all grown and great big brothers to Mila and Lola. They have definitely sensed a changed but they have embraced the two newest members of our family. The only issue is keeping them from drowning the girls in kisses.