Sunday, November 4, 2012

Already Two!

What a bad mommy blogger I have been! The last time I blogged was soon after their first birthday and now the girls are officially two and a few days! I'm not going to go as in depth as I would like due to the fact that the reason I haven't been blogging as much is how crazy busy our schedules have been since last holiday season. I have been working diligently with an amazing group of people to help start a fine arts academy in our district and the expectations are high. I've never enjoyed going to work as much as I do now and everything I do is for these little girls. They are my motivation. When I'm not working I rather spend my hours giving and receiving their kisses, hearing them laugh and watching them play, blogging can come later. Here are a few pics and 12 facts about the girls this past year:

1) They love Chick-fil-A

2) Words they say: dada, momma, Romo, Jet, Dog, "Moo", "OOH-OOH-AHH-AHH", phone, chips, fries, thank you, please, gracias, "iluyuu", eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, booty, pretty, tummy, hot, cold, blankie, baby, cry, teeth, Dora, Boots, clothes, shoes (CHOOS!), cake, and "cakecake" (cupcake) and what seems like hundreds more!

3) First vacation to their FIRST Rodriguez family reunion in New Braunfels, then to Galveston for a few rainy days on the beach. 

4) New nanny! Ms. Sonia, or "Nona" as they call her and they just adore her.

5) First trick or treating, they were Minnie Mice :)

6) They eat everything by themselves, yogurt, pudding and have mastered the juice box even though the only reason Lola drinks juice is for the box as she is in an extremely dedicated relationship with water!

7) Lola loves to color and create. Mila loves to kick the soccer ball and watch football.

8) They love going "by-bye"

9) They still love Party Rock Anthem, Adele, Taylor Swift and anything they can dance to.

10) They recognize family even if they haven't seen them in months.

11) The love watching Dora.

12) Lola is still obsessed with dolls and babies whereas Mila is obsessed with phones.

Here's to hoping I'll get better at updating this thing! :) Goodnight and GO COWBOYS!

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