Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter consisted of...

A last minute project...

One for flowers, one for bows

Quality time with family...

Abigail and Jaxon shower Lola with lots of attention and kisses

Easter Sunday lunch with our loves who didn't look at the camera in ANY shot
The newest mommy-and-daddy-to-be (again) YES! A new niece or nephew!
The girls with their great grandma, my girls are so fortunate to have their grandmothers and a great grandmother!

Lola and Daddy during an Easter afternoon
Family time always results in everyone's favorite game of "Pass the Baby"

Mila, belly, and her first pair of shoes!
Unfortunately the weekend not only ended way too soon, a big hail storm hit which slowed down our trip back home.

Visibility was bad...

but we worked as a team and after a few hesitations, prayer and just going for it, we made it into the clear and back home...

And of course then we had to deal with this almost immediately after...

Poor Mila had a swollen eye and left side - it scared me more than anything and although she'd force a smile through her discomfort, I cried and cried. This has been an overwhelming time of year for me, lots going on, but all of that seem to disappear when I saw how miserable she was. Turns out she had an allergic reaction to a bug bite, quite possibility a mosquito but all is well now!

You know, lately all I hear are complaints. It may be the time of year, and some people just may really be miserable. Our life isn't perfect, nor is it always easy, but I've learned, if we don't appreciate and boast of the blessings God has granted us, we don't give Him his due credit. Holidays can bring out the worst, even the holiest of holidays - but if we lift our families up, and boast of the goodness in our lives and not the negative, then the sacrifice will not be in vain.

Be blessed!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ladybugs and Precious in Purple


I just read my own title and am borderline embarrassed!

Could I get any cheesier?

A year ago I would have laughed at that. A year ago I had (and still have) a different blog that I've managed to keep pretty private (thankfully) for about 4 years or so and the mood from that blog is quite the opposite of this one. Sometimes I feel like I have a double personality when it comes to the blogging world.   This post title really confirms it.

I'm totally okay with it though. I'm not a real simple person. I'm not one dimensional, but I will say this dimension, the mommy one, is getting stronger and stronger :)

Speaking of double personalities, it's funny how we capture these in the photos of our girls. Every picture I take tells a small story about their personality. I make little captions in my head as I scroll through them in the camera, almost like a dialogue.

Mila: Okay, on the count of three, smile. One, two...

THREE!  Lola:"Wait, there's something on my foot"
Mila: "Oh snap you're right.." Mommy: "MILA LOLA SMILE!!!"
Mommy: "Finally!" 

Okay I'm done with captions. Just check these out, no need to read, just enjoy the toothless grins and chubby cheeks.

Just a small portion of a day in our lives. Lots of love, double in fact :)


Monday, April 11, 2011

High Chairs, Miracles and A Whole 'Lotta Pretty

Green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and pears PLUS cereal equals new tastes, textures and milestones in our house, times TWO.

This calls for a little something special and in this house this means a gift from Popo, aka, my dad, in the form of high chairs!

Thanks Popo!

Unfortunately my little angels were dealing with another "first" in the form of a fever and cold (as very evident on Lola's watery eyes and dazed stare).


The girls are turning over and flopping around like little fish fresh out of the water.

And Lola just loves playing with her pink, bubble gum tongue!

On top of that, feet have been discovered, bottles are grabbed and held for brief moments, and size two diapers fit just fine.

I can't believe they are in their 5th month and 6 months will be here very soon.

In November we had no idea what was coming...

In December Mila was so gentle...

And Lola was a mere 6 pounds

Now we have blooming little girls, with a lot of spunk and personality.

Wha, what are we doing?

Check out these skirts! 
Ah, smiles!

We count our blessings hourly.

And we don't take for granted the gifts we were given with these girls.

It was a long road to get here, and unfortunately we have friends that have been waiting even longer. It's a miracle to see some of these friends have their moment, like my friend Tricia. It's also interesting to read stories from celebrities and their issues with infertility and failed pregnancies like that of Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Wares wife Taniqua you can read here.

We were not alone and if you are still waiting, neither are you.

There's not a day I don't remember how it felt to not know the joys of mommy hood. I look at these girls with awe of the miracles I hold. I laugh at how silly I must have looked in God's eyes when I'd cry myself to sleep at night with close to no hope.

He was probably thinking..."You cry for one baby, when TWO are on the way."

God is SO good, isn't He?

We are living proof miracles still happen.

Don't lose hope on your miracle!

Have a blessed week.