Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Day Weekend!

This weekend was awesome for three reasons:

1. It was THREE days.

2. My mom, sister, and niece was in town which equaled lots of sleep which aided me in...

3. Getting a lot accomplished! Even some of the things I mentioned on my previous post.

Here we go!

1) Footprints!

So I didn't do the original idea mainly because I really didn't want to use acrylic so I went old school with ink and card stock. I haven't framed it yet but I have a few ideas spinning in my head that may involve scrapbook paper and possibly some of the awesome "congrats on your twins" cards. Unfortunately after a few failed attempts I've decided hand prints won't be possible. Even when the girls are sleeping they are too fidgety to get good prints without getting ink everywhere.

2) Craftiness

Okay, so being an art teacher I always have ideas on arts and crafts to do. Although I prefer actual art, acrylic painting, printmaking etc I also enjoy crafts - YES, there is a difference, don't get it twisted ;) In desperate attempt to get some decor on the nursery walls I painted some older crosses in bright, baby friendly colors (even though I don't have a color theme solidified).

I love cupcakes so I made the girls some cupcake onesies. I had left over fabric from a t-shirt I made for a friend's daughter so I used that. I simply cut the shape out, used fabric bonding paper and an iron to attach it to the material, hand stitched the inside of the edge as well as the red ribbon. Simple but cute, I can't wait to see them wear it!

I also made some Valentine's day onesies for the girls and have one in progress for myself that will match theirs, oh yes, we are matching! I used fabric acrylic to paint faux beads, and hand sewn a flower using black and white fabric, hot pink tulle, and a simple black button. I purchased the tutu from Target for $8 and also picked up some black and white leg warmers as well.

In the spirit of Valentine's, I made a wreath inspired by another blogger who I can't remember for the life of me as I type (I read A LOT of blogs during late night feedings). I opted for hot pink and red tulle as opposed to the Valentine Day fabric she used just to change it up. Unfortunately you have to use A LOT more tulle that way! I bought some adornments from the Dollar Tree (as well as the actual wreath) and used some old ribbon and rhinestones to finish the job. I had a lot of fun working on this and look forward to hitting up the Dollar Tree for the St Patty's items that are already in stock. I'd say this thing ended up costing me less than $6.

3) Thank You Notes

So I barely put a DENT in these things and right now I'm still in fits over handwritten -vs- a photo card but I don't have time to wait until payday to get photo cards out so in the meantime I bought these and quickly found out 30 wasn't enough for the cards just for my co-workers! Back to Target I go to finish the batch. I really am fortunate to have so many of these things to write and I just KNOW I'll forget someone, let's hope I don't.

4) Nursery Move

So we moved the nursery from a smaller, more decorative room to a larger plain room but with a bigger closet. The upside is the space! The downside, it looks so plain. I'm getting seriously impatient about getting their room to be as adorable as they are but we are on a strict budget and right now "decor" is not on the top of the list.

The good news is we were able to purchase a dresser and a bookshelf for the EXTREME low price of $60 on Craigslist. It's not the highest quality but it's not super flimsy and cheap either, plus, it is the same color as our Sorelle crib we absolutely adore. This will definitely help me stay organized, as well the closet with the built in shelving and two bars on each side for hanging clothes.

 ....and more floor place for these essentials

5) Milk Momma

This weekend we also scored this for a cool $100 saving us over $200. I am definitely a bargain sniffer and I really hope to come across more bargains like these when the formula runs out!

Definitely a productive weekend and look forward to an even more productive week at home and work. I hope the same for you!


  1. Ok I need you to bring some of that productiveness this way, or come stay with me for a week while you leave the girls with Joey, so I can be productive too! Haha. All of your fun Valentines crafts make me want to make the V-day wreath (with heart shaped hole-punched old book pages) that I've been wanting to make forEVER. And, I love the girls cupcakes bodysuits, adorable!

  2. Well get to work you stay at home momma you! Haha..actually you're a work at home momma since you watch two kiddos that aren't even yours!